Co-housing Projects

Co-housing is on the rise. More and more people seem to realize it might be wise, after decades of individualistic consumerism, but above all enjoyable, to start co creating! This doesn't (necessarily) mean sharing your front door, and isn't about the kind utopic togetherness where everyone ends up with a headache. With combined effort and budget you can develop your own residential quarters, where one is free to live his or her own life but feels stimulated to interact and share common space, stuff and services.    


We call for you!

We call for people who feel intrinsically moved to develop a collective housing project and have some kind of starting point to introduce. This could be a solid initiative group, a promising concept, a certain profession or position, a (yet to acquire) building plot, a set budget, or something very different. Please surprise us! You could be an individual pioneer, part of a private collective an entrepreneur or official.

Individual pioneers

Not just established initiative groups but also individual fire starters are welcome to knock at our door. Your base for meeting up with us might be the property you own and are ready to consciously transform. Or perhaps you are well informed on local issues and can't wait to share some interesting opportunity for a collective project with us. 

Private initiative groups

Ofcourse the starting point for collective projects often are groups of friends getting excited about the idea of co-living and joining forces. If you feel ready, after some healthy amount of dreaming, to explore your next step, be sure to get in touch. Groups of all ages are welcome to discuss with us their inspirational and practical grounds for turning collective. In The Netherlands these kind of projects are both literally and figuratively gaining ground and being referred to as CPO-projects (Collective Private Commissioning).

Entrepreneurs and officials

If you are an entrepreneur, official or politician involved with collective housing we can advice you on this topic and possibly collaborate. How to make a low-impact and connected way of housing mainstream? We invite you to jointly pioneer and find the answers!

(By the way, if you haven't yet, check out our approach page. It's where we sum up the five main ingredients of our sustainable way of designing. Collective housing, as one of those ingredients, is what we believe creates momentum for everything else we do to become more relevant.)  



What we have to offer

1. Let's meet!

We offer a free two hour workshop in which we can get acquainted and love to hear all about your project. During this meet-up we can answer all kinds of questions you might have and hopefully provide you with some cool suggestions. Just give us a call first if you feel it's you we call for and we can make an appointment to meet-up at our studio in Amsterdam. The more input you provide us with beforehand, the more we can tailor your workshop to the current needs of your project. 

2. Get to the core of your ambitions

After you have had a good taste of what Woonpioniers can do for you and when you feel ready for it, it's time to really get some grip on your project. There are many choices to make and shared decision-making can proof to be tough. Sitting down with us in an early stage can save you a lot of time, worries and missed opportunities down the road. And this doesn't have to cost a fortune; we can adapt this stage exactly to your needs and budget.

An important step in the process of developing your own project is to get to the core of your ambitions. What is your program of requirements? What sustainable ambitions do you want to commit to? And how do these ambitions relate to your budget? During our meet-ups we can feed you with interesting ideas or simply explain what the implications of different concepts are. What could be smart ways of sharing stuff, facilities and services? Or what does a bio based use of materials, or building passive, energy- or even carbon-neutral actually imply?

Next it is important to start making a mood board together and get to the essence of you likings. What kind of images spark your imagination? Which concepts suit your programmatic ambitions best? We will feed you with inspiring examples from all over the world and invite you to do the same! And off course some first basic sketching is part of this process.

3. Sketch and show


Once your ambitions are clear, it is time to really start designing. As you will see, in this phase all our findings made in phase two will gradually start to fall in place. Through a series of workshops we will subsequently discuss and present different spatial setups, ecological building techniques and possible energetic concepts in clear 3d computer models. In order to keep in touch with your budget, orientating cost estimates can be part of this process.

Again, this phase can be tailored to your wishes and budget. Maybe you're just in need for a simple, clear visual to start informing your municipality about your plans, and see how they respond. Or maybe you want to take things a little further ​so we can start to get real. 

4. Getting real

In this phase we will turn the provisional design, composed in stage three, into a final design. If all is set we'll apply for a building permission, plan the constructing and actively guide the construction process. To ensure your project can be developed in an efficient manner we'll involve executing parties in the design process as early as possible, allowing for smart budget decisions early on, while working towards final quotations as quickly as possible. We are always open for new collaborations but also have a reliable network of building partners at our disposal.



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