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Sprout combines a well-insulated base with a spacious greenhouse: this provides affordable square meters, energetic benefits and extra living comfort. We offer a number of "tiny" basic models up to fifty square meters for an amount between 90,000 and 120,000 euros (including VAT). The somewhat larger models we'll design together with you, based on a price of around 650 euros per cubic meter (including VAT).

Compact base

Sprout consists of a compact, solid base; here you'll find all installations, the bathroom, kitchen, sleeping places and storage space. This volume is prefabricated, transported by truck and installed in no time. The timber frame is built on a fixed frame and insulated with flax. Sprout can be founded on large “screws”, which will leave no marks after removal.

Spacious greenhouse

A hybrid extension, a greenhouse, is assembled on location, added to the base. This is a non-isolated space, which you can enjoy for many months of the year. Especially in spring and autumn, when the sun is shining a bit, but it is not very hot outside, you can drink a cup of coffee in your t-shirt! If you have green fingers, you can grow a lot of fresh food. And in summer you can use the greenhouse as a fantastic veranda. Furthermore, the roof of the greenhouse can be used to generate energy. Self-sufficient living, one with your environment!

Design freedom

Sprout House is a flexible design concept. As a starting point, different basic sizes are available and the interior is largely customizable. You can also choose to (partially) finish the interior yourself. With regard to the exterior, we like to give each house a unique expression, suitable for you and the location. We can even invite the birds by designing the facade in a nature-inclusive way.

Sprout for collectives

It is also possible to design attractive terraced houses or small “villages” with Sprout; each house is unique, yet part of the same family and rooted in it's environment. Within a collective set-up, green energy concepts often become more feasible and affordable than when everything is arranged individually.

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