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Sprout is a circular, biobased and prefab housing concept with the addition of a greenhouse! We have developed some standard models that can be seen as a starting point or for inspiration, because a lot of customisation is possible with Sprout. So join us at the drawing board and design your unique greenhouse home with us.

Marcel en Monique

Spacious veranda and loft with spiral staircase

Tanja en Jos

Spacious family home with a minimal impact on its beautiful location


Artist's studio in the forest

Cynthia en Glenn

Recycled roof tiles, mud walls and the addition of a greenhouse


Compact Indigo with a integrated kitchen

Theunis en Birgit



Our first Indigo!

Kenneth en Carolien

A small Indigo in a special Tiny House neighbourhood

At our office stands a tall cupboard full of monsters! Not scary, but healthy: from bio-based insulation materials to sustainably treated wood types and experimental facade panels. Our daily mission is to initiate a new, healthy construction culture. And the use of materials is obviously an important part of this.

A disadvantage of these natural, non-toxic materials (which generally emit or even store less CO2) is that they are often (still) somewhat more expensive or labor-intensive than traditional, polluting alternatives. That's a shame; From an expensive hobby, bio-based and circular construction should become the standard.


With Sprout we are taking a step in that direction; Thanks to a smart design and efficient construction method, Sprout is a fully-fledged and affordable bio-based home. In this way we hope to make healthy building accessible to a broad group of people.

Biobased made affordable
The power of greenhouses

And then (drum roll)... the greenhouse! You can enjoy this space all year round. On cold days, when the sun shines a little, your sweater can be taken off before you know it! And when it gets warmer, you open all the doors and actually have a fantastic veranda. Green fingers? Then grow your own vegetables and throw them right into the pan! In addition, a greenhouse also offers energetic benefits; In winter you 'harvest' a lot of heat, which reduces heating costs dramatically.

As you will see in our 'Sprout Magazine', you can completely adapt your Sprout to your specific living wishes within a custom design process. Or perhaps one of our clearly defined standard models suits you and your lot perfectly. We can offer these models DIY-ready at a competitive starting price. By DIY-ready we mean: make or have make your own interior finishing, sanitary facilities and the kitchen. Also, always take into account foundation costs (which differ per location), municipal fees and connection to utilities.


In addition to a wind- and waterproof shell, you will also receive a BENG-proof (see paragraph below) installation package consisting of solar panels, a heat pump, ventilation system, boiler, prepared pipework and full guidance in the development of a suitable foundation and the permit application. (see also pages 12, 13, 15 and the FAQ at the end of the magazine).

Would you rather be completely unburdened? We can then also deliver your Sprout 'ready to live in' for an additional fee to be determined, including a finished interior, kitchen and bathroom. Also we supply sheds that fit perfectly with every type of Sprout!

Casco or custom

In the Netherlands, a newly built home must meet the legal BENG standard. BENG stands for 'almost energy neutral building'. Based on design, location and installations, it is calculated whether the home meets this energy performance. Each Sprout model is amply prepared for this thanks to a high insulation value combined with an integral energy system consisting of sufficient solar panels and a high-quality, energy-efficient air heat pump.


Such a heat pump is in fact an air conditioning installation that can both cool and heat and provides a pleasant indoor climate. If you want to add additional heat somewhere, we for instance recommend infrared heating.


In addition, the price of each Sprout includes a central active ventilation system, wired smoke detectors, a boiler and already prepared (water) taps, drains, light points and sockets.

Start a Sprout village!

We have designed Sprout in such a way that you can create fantastic ensembles in which shared functions can be optimally integrated. Such as a central, communal garden, shared (bicycle) shed or even a smart energy grid with shared EV's. That is what makes our hearts sing, small natural neighborhoods, where there is room for casual encounters and joint investments are made in sustainable facilities. This can be done along the edges of villages and towns or on vacant properties, but we also want to get the best out of Sprout from somewhat tighter, urban (infill) locations. For example, we are currently expanding Sprout as a flexible housing typology with semi-detached and terraced houses!

Sprout Ruben en Marjolein

Deze compacte maar creatief ingedeelde Sprout biedt op een beperkt aantal vierkantemeters een hoop woonplezier en verrassende kwaliteiten.

Sprout Marjolein Jonker

Deze kleine Sprout bouwden we voor niemand minder dan Tiny House-ambassadrice Marjolein Jonker!

Sprout Dedmer en Diede

Dit is onze eerste echte Sprout! Die maakten we voor Dedmer, Diede en hun kids.


Featured Sprouts

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