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In our custom architecture, we work together with our clients and contractors on unique buildings. We utilise the latest bio-based materials and develop intelligent design and construction methods. We also integrate state-of-the-art energy systems, in which ancient passive principles and off-grid installation technology complement each other optimally.

Floriade 2022

Design competition bio based pavilion


Carefully positioned ensemble of black blocks


Multifunctional entrance building at estate the Hoorneboeg


Multifunctional cultural headquarters made of prefab CLT modules

Tiny House Techum

Compact circular home in a 'tiny' hamlet of Techum

Biobased Rhenen

Family home with stunning views made of cross laminated timber

Tiny House Scotland

Tiny House, workshop space and mobile market stall in one

Biobased Pioniers


Bird Observatory

Mobile bird watcher's hut on Terschelling made of solid timber


Studio, B&B, garden shed or all at once

Outbuilding Zeist

Spatial garden office and multifunctional garage

Catttail Cabin

Test- and showcase bio based wetland building materials

Tiny House Mike and Floor

Design and supervision DIY Tiny House

Porta Palace

One of the first 'Tiny Houses on Wheels' in The Netherlands

Hermit Houses

Design your own Hermit House!

Rural pioneers

Architectural supervision of a DIY renovation project

South House

A smart 'sun worshipper' in Oosterwold, Almere

Marker Wadden

2nd prize design competition island settlement

Outlook Leuth

Shade in summer, sun in winter and spectacular views


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