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Photography: Henny van Belkom


Due to the careful positioning of various 'blocks', this private home has spectacular panoramas and optimal light. House and garden also interlock in such a way that exciting views are created.


The specific orientation ensures that each block harvests solar heat separately at a different time of the day, or provides cooling in the summer, for example through the overhang and external sun blinds on the largest block. And although the trees around the house are still small now, they will have a significant cooling effect on the house in future summers. In winter, the bare crowns allow warm rays of sunlight to pass through.


Glass corridors connect the blocks and form dynamic zones where you experience a play of natural light and greenery. Particularly at these passages, various windows offer opportunities to let a breeze flow through the home and thus bring even more of the outside in. The playful overall composition of Blokhuis changes in appearance every time you walk around it and when the sun hits it at a different angle.

Gross m2

Net m2



Energy plan




Daniël Venneman

Ron Stet

by clients


Studio Eco

Project Architect

Wouter Bak



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