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Woonpioniers specializes in the participatory design and development of collective forms of housing. 'The best of both', that's what it's all about: your own front door, but jointly investing in sustainable measures. Less fencing and more space for spontaneous encounters and biodiversity. We help groups, large and small, to make the right choices in the complex force field of housing development. ​


In addition, we initiated Woonco, a partnership between like-minded designers, inventors, builders and developers that aims to improve the current building culture in an integral way.

Tiny Village Rentree

Eight social rental homes and a community building within a shared garden

De Vuurplaats

Co-housing project in Oosterwold, Almere


A platform of enthusiastic professionals specialised in collective development.


Adaptive bio based building concept for collectives


Circular hamlet in Hensbroek


Guest lessons on co-housing at the RaVB


Joint yard transformation

EO Wijers

Finalists design competition development of vacant farmyards


Footprint calculator for area development

Panorama Lokaal

Finalists design competition restructuring outdated neighbourhoods

Young Innovators

Renovation locations as seedbeds of the energy transition


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