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EO Wijers

Under the name Landlink >> Woonpioniers, together with other architects and developers, state the Dutch housing assignment must be used a catalyst for a broad transition. One that benefits the landscape, the environment and social cohesion. To achieve this, we devise intelligent design strategies. For example, as finalists of the EO Wijers 2020 design competition >> in the North Brabant region of Kempen, we have focused on the transformation of vacant agricultural yards. The deterioration of VABs is causing problems there, but also elsewhere in the Netherlands. While these islands in the green offer wonderful opportunities.

The current housing development on farmyards is mainly that of the fortunate few; living in the green is possible, provided you pay a lot of money. We say: develop inclusive, contemporary housing programs, where a lasting relationship with the landscape and agricultural system is established.

In our elaboration, we have also built on GRASP >>: an innovative simulation model that provides insight into the ecological footprint of the small or large-scale development of homes and habitat.

Project team




Revolution Development

Daniël Venneman

Arthur van der Lee 

Giacomo Garziano

Gianmarco di Paolo

Hank van Tilborg

Tim Kort​

Josje Hoefsloot

Jeroen Pijnenburg

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