Panorama Lokaal

Panorama Lokaal is a design competition to prepare neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city for the future. 21 teams made plans for 7 locations. In coalition with Werkend Landschap and De Bewuste Stad, Woonpioniers was selected as one of three finalists for the Bargeres district in Emmen.

"Many Dutch people feel at home in the residential areas on the outskirts of the city and countryside, which are known to everyone, built in the 60s, 70s and 80s. It is the place where they live and live. Their heart is there. And it beats there. But do these neighborhoods of then still match the wishes, desires and demands of today? Are they ready for the future?"


The Bargeres district faces a number of major challenges: the housing stock no longer matches current needs, the district structure, the “spatial system” and mobility are in need of revision and social cohesion has declined sharply over the years. The public space also makes an outdated impression and the greenery and water system require revitalization. To tackle all these topics integrally, a lot is needed, while the available financial resources are also very limited.

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Our approach

Bargeres has hidden capital: large family homes and lots of greenery, both underutilized. There is also social capital sitting on the shelf: time, skills and knowledge of the residents. How do we redeem these? Within three steps, together with current and future residents, we will develop a library of new, inspiring housing forms that better meet today's needs. Step one is to add co-housing 'neighborhood estates' along the edges of the central park. With this we create space in the so called 'brinks' for step two: carry out the "brinkshuffle". This in turn creates the momentum, the physical space and the financial resources for final stap: transformation of public space, enhancing biodiversity and buffer capacity for heavy downpours. Read the full plan over here >>

Project team


De Bewuste Stad

Werkend Landschap

Daniël Venneman

Arthur van der Lee 

Linda Hogeweg

Peter Hermens

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