Under the name Landlink, GG-Loop, H+N+S Landscape Architects, Revolution Development and Woonpioniers call on the Dutch housing assignment to be used as a catalyst for a broad transition. One that benefits the landscape, the environment and social cohesion. To achieve this we develop strategies and instruments, including GRASP: an innovative simulation model that provides insight into the ecological footprint of small or large-scale development of housing programs and habitat.

An innovative footprint calculator

1. In an interactive and visual way GRASP provides insight into the complex ecological footprint of building and living based on scientific data, for all parties involved in a development process.

2. From early planning to the design and developing process, GRASP creates awareness and insight about how to reduce our ecological impact in a coherent way. Housing program, building method, use of materials, but also lifestyle and the landscape or urban context are integrally taken into account.

3. The remaining impact is translated into location-specific, coherent transformation measures that strengthen the local spatial and social system.

Example 1:

traditional footprint

Example 2:

reduced footprint

Legislation and meaning

Our current legislation is already aiming at a clean, circular society and the development of buildings. For example, according to the Building Decree, increasingly strict standards must be met with regard to the impact of material use and energy performance. Although these types of technical assessment instruments have an important use in themselves, they do not inspire enough. In our experience, the focus on meeting certain standards can, strangely enough, even blind people to making bigger connections that really matter. With GRASP we want to change this by taking governments, planners and future residents along in a meaningful, self-recouping quest for balance and restoration of the environment, landscape and social connection.

What do we want to achieve?

With GRASP we want to reach authorities and developers to develop meaningful, groundbreaking housing area's together with them. We inspire during the earliest planning and vision development (for example in the form of a presentation or workshop) and have a design team that can work out concrete assignments. In a later phase we want to place an open source version of GRASP online, to also inspire the wider public and private initiators.

Project team




Revolution Development

Daniël Venneman

Arthur van der Lee 

Giacomo Garziano

Gianmarco di Paolo

Hank van Tilborg

Tim Kort​

Josje Hoefsloot

Jeroen Pijnenburg

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