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Woonpioniers has developed a number of building systems that make personal, circular and bio based architecture obtainable for a broad range of private clients. Currently we are working on a system, called Canvas, in which we elevate these same principle to the level of collective, stacked residential buildings.

Woonpioniers, that's what we are together with you; progressive individuals, collectives, corporations and entrepreneurs who advocate a different, healthy building culture. One with awareness of our place in a larger whole. Together we design, develop and build green buildings and connected neighbourhoods.

Sprout Ruben & Marjolein

This compact but creatively laid out Sprout offers a lot of living pleasure and surprising qualities in a limited number of square meters.

Outlook Leuth

Next to a grove near Nijmegen, in the village of Leuth, stands this home of Eric and Willem. Seen from the driveway, the house blends into the polder landscape as a handsome barn volume. Once inside, a picturesque panorama opens up on the south side, looking over the pear trees.

Private individuals who take matters into their own hands together and develop sustainable living environments, that's powerful stuff! And an opportunity to work on the Dutch housing shortage in a qualitative way. is our most recent initiative. A multidisciplinary partnership of enthusiastic designers and builders specialized in collective development.

Sprout Dedmer en Diede

This is our first real Sprout! We designed it for Dedmer, Diede and their kids. Sprout is a flexible bio based building concept that you can compose and personalize exactly as you wish. From tiny to large, but always with a greenhouse.

Nominated for the Drentse Architectuurprijs
Panorama Lokaal

The Dutch housing market is constipated. The housing supply is unilateral, house prices are skyrocketing and the flow through has come to a halt. Can collective housing projects hold the key to the transformation of a neighbourhood as a whole? As a finalist of the Panorama Lokaal design competition, together with Werkend Landschap and De Bewuste Stad, we explored this scenario for the Bargeres district in Emmen.

EO Wijers

How can we use the housing task as a flywheel to revitalize rural areas? As finalists of EO Wijers 2020, we call for the development of inclusive, contemporary housing programs on the yards of vacant agricultural companies (VABs). It is precisely by thinking radically locally and by creating 'land links' that opportunities arise for neighbouring farmers and nature.


To get a better grip on the ecological impact of building and living, we developed an innovative 'footprint calculator'. Based on scientific data, GRASP provides an interactive and visual insight into the complex footprint of building and living for all parties involved in the development process. Subsequently GRASP shows how to sustainably reduce and convert this impact locally.

Interview op Deltametropool

Work in progress! Can CPO projects (collective private developers) have a positive impact on rural areas? Buitendelen, an initiative of three 'firestarters', proves it! Woonpioniers has developed a type of barn house for and with them, that brings the outside in, and delivers energy for the entire project.

Young Innovators

In “Via low-tech to Paris” we show how renovating large inner city buildings can be used as a flywheel for a broader (energy) transition. By focussing on passive solutions, often based on ancient, simple principles, local resources and extreme user-specific interventions.

Floriade 2022

We believe that a circular and biobased construction economy starts with a resilient landscape, from which sustainably can be harvested, generation after generation. In addition to a showcase of scalable applications from wetland cultivation, the DI-X pavilion (Dutch Innovation Experience) for the Floriade 2022 is an example of biophilic design; through spatial and sensory experiences  the visitor is reconnected with an inherent love for life. We designed DI-X together with, among others, GG-loop.


Estate de Hoorneboeg connects people with themselves, each other and nature. To the monumental character of the existing buildings Woonpioniers adds small-scale, multifunctional architecture, all with great care for the environment.


Natuurmonumenten, the largest Dutch nature conservation organization, commissioned a competition for the design of a public 'settlement' to be realized at a newly created eco reserve, called Marker Wadden, in Holland's Markermeer. We enrolled in cooperation with Civic Architects and were placed 2nd. 

South House

What do the current environmental issues, including global warming, mean for the way we build and live? And how, within architecture, do we respond with vision to the energy transition? We explored these questions in designing South House.


Sprout combines a well-insulated base with a spacious greenhouse: this provides affordable square meters, energetic benefits and extra living comfort. We offer a number of compact base models up to fifty square meters and larger models that we can totally customise for you.


Elementary studio or fully equipped family home; together with you we can customise your own Indigo. Every Indigo is unique yet belongs to the same elegant, and moreover bio based family.

Video van de opbouw

This 'makers house' can adapt to the (yet unclear) plans for a more permanent cultural settlement at the Berlijnplein in Utrecht. It consist of multiple CLT (cross laminated timber) units which can be transported, re-assembled, composed differently and expanded with additional units. Finally, at the end of their lifespan, most materials can be easily separated and for the most part be gobbled up by nature.

Tiny House Schotland

In 2015 we built one of the first Tiny Houses on w

Wheels in the Netherlands. In this way we became part of a movement that would grow out much bigger and essentially is about freedom, connection, health and inspiration.

Hermit Houses

It all started with these fellows; they started our search for healthy, personal and smart prefab building systems. As an open source design principle that anyone could play around with online, the Hermit Houses were an early example of mass customization.

Tiny Village Rentree

At a unique location in Deventer, close to the river IJssel, Woonpioniers designed eight 'tiny' social rental homes and a community building in a lush garden. Not only in consultation with our client Rentree, but with the future residents themselves as well. Construction has started!

Workshop Hoorneboeg

On the heath near Hilversum, the Hoorneboeg domain is being transformed into a 'country estate for inspiration'. Not only did we realize the entrance building for this special location, but we also made a design for the 'outdoor workshop'.

Sprout Marjolein

Tiny House ambassador Marjolein Jonker, world famous in the Netherlands, fell in love with our Sprout! She opted for a Tiny base with a large greenhouse.

Biobased Rhenen

We designed this house for Gertjan and Margriet and their children. It is located in Rhenen, overlooking the river Nederrijn. Each window in this house is specifically designed for a particular view and a large loft further brings the outside in. The facade is designed in such a way that it becomes naturally overgrown over time.

Indigo Joram & Marlies

This rural Indigo in the countryside of Zutphen stands out because of its integrated design of house and barn; both are linked by an entrance that connects the two gable roofs. Wide facade planks made of thermally modified pine are attached board-on-board and give the house a robust appearance.

Woonpioniers, that's what we are together with you; progressive individuals, collectives, corporations and entrepreneurs who advocate a different, healthy building culture. One with awareness of our place in a larger whole. Together we design, develop and build green buildings and connected neighbourhoods.


A tailor made home? These progressive customers preceded you.

Indigo is an elegant building system: each home is unique but part of the same family.


Our newest member, Sprout; super smart and very cool.

Design and develop a beautiful 'nature neighbourhood' together with us!

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