Elementary studio or fully equiped family home; together with you we can customize your own Indigo. Every Indigo is unique yet belongs to the same modular collection. Jamie Nee en Nanna de Jong made a fantastic animation explaining this in less than a minute (turn up your volume!). Check out our FAQ down below for more information on foreign projects.  


Q: Can Indigo be built outside of The Netherlands?

A: Yes, depending tough on your exact location and the size of your Indigo. For EU customers all structural elements are prefabricated in The Netherlands (our home base) and can be transported by road. 

Q: Can Indigo be built outside of the EU?

A: Yes, all tough this proces requires a different approach from projects within the EU. First, together with you, through skype for instance, we'll design your Indigo and prepare all drawings. Next we'll have to find a local engineering firm to help us meet your countries building permit requirements. Also we'll need to get in touch with a local contractor because shipping will most likely be no option outside the EU. Depending on your role in this proces (do you know the right people? Can you apply for a permit yourself?) count on some extra process costs. During building we can digitally stay in touch or even visit your project.  

Q: Do you already have a local partner in the US or Canada?

A: Not yet, but we are interested in setting up a partnership with a building company specialized in prefab, bio based constructing. 

Q: Where can I find information on prices?

A: For now take a look out our Dutch product flyer over here and get a rough estimate by focusing on the numbers. Indigo starts at around € 150.000. Take in account extra process costs for foreign projects. Do you want to get specific? Let's get in touch down below.

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