Elementary studio or fully equiped family home; together with you we can customize your own Indigo. Every Indigo is unique yet belongs to the same modular collection. Jamie Nee en Nanna de Jong made a fantastic animation explaining this in less than a minute (turn up your volume!). Check out our FAQ down below for more information on foreign projects.  

  •  INDIGO 

     Tanja & jos 

    design your own Indigo / modular / customizable 

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     Lia's Artist Studio 

    design your own Indigo / modular / customizable 

  • Indigo Dunja _ design by Woonpioniers _


     dunja's Hide out 

    design your own Indigo / modular / customizable 

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     eco pioneers Cynthia & glenn 

    design your own Indigo / modular / customizable 


With Indigo, Woonpioniers aims to make personal architecture and a healthy way of building accessible to a wide audience. Thanks to an optimal interplay between design, construction and use of materials, Indigo combines design freedom with a quick building process and minimal environmental impact.

Every Indigo home consists of separate, prefabricated elements that are assembled on site. These elements are characterized by a "moment resisting" bend that not only allows for a free layout of the floor plan, but at the same time yields a beautiful, curved line between wall and roof. The size and roof inclination of the elements themselves can, within certain margins, also be adjusted. The elements are made of beams from laminated wood and filled with cellulose, a bio based insulation material. Numerous options are possible for finishing the roof, facade and interior.

The flexible dimensioning of the elements and the free layout of the floor plan means we can respond perfectly to individual needs and environmental factors. And although we often include the interior design for our customers, Indigo, as a windproof and watertight ”hull”, is very suitable to be finished DIY. We notice a growing need in this regard: many people like to make a meaningful contribution to their own home and by doing so save a little on costs as well.

Within each design process, we draw up the contours of an energy plan at an early stage, so that we can integrally find an optimal balance between passive interventions and smart technology.


Can Indigo be built outside of the Netherlands?

Yes, depending on your exact location and the size of your Indigo. For EU customers all structural elements are prefabricated in the Netherlands (our home base) and can be transported by road. 

Can Indigo be built outside of the EU?

Yes, although shipping Indigo's prefab elements will probably not be the best option outside of the EU. Instead, prefabrication and construction will have to take place in collaboration with a local contractor. This is very well possible but requires some extra dedication, flexibility and patience from both us and you as our client. For single Indigo's outside of the EU we've decided to work only on projects starting at approximately € 300.000. 

Where can I find information on prices?

For now take a look at our Dutch product flyer and get a rough estimate by focusing on the numbers. 

How do I start a project?

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email and tell us a bit more about your plans: where exactly are you located? Do you own a building plot, and if so, can you send some pictures along? Did you already put up a program of requirements? What's your budget? 

If we think your plans fit our craft we can schedule a call, get to know each other, and inform you some more about our design process.

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