Daniel Venneman / Founder Architect


Before starting Woonpioniers Daniël graduated cum laude as an Architect at the technical university of Eindhoven, after which he worked at various prestigious offices in Madrid, Berlin and the Netherlands, training himself in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture and product design. Recently he was short-listed for the Arc Young Talent Award 2018.

Driven to make sustainable architecture affordable for the masses, he has developed several innovative concepts including Hermit Houses and Indigo as first steps in this extensive mission. In Daniel's view individual projects are never just projects on their own, but opportunities to unlock new ways of designing and building relevant in the bigger picture.



Wouter Bak / Architect


As a passionate, forward thinking designer-organizer who gets things done, Wouter is an indispensable core member of the Woonpioniers team. Having completed a technical education and a double master's degree in Architecture and Building Technology at the TU Delft, and with fifteen years of work experience in his pocket, Wouter will find a practical solution for any problem.


Leen Bogerd / Project Architect


Leen has earned his Master's degree in Architecture at Delft University of Technology after a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design. With his enthusiasm, and supported by Daniel and Wouter, Leen beautifully leads clients through the design process and permit phase. His positive approach tends to catch on to everyone he meets.


Jorien Vlaar / Project Architect


With a Master's degree in Architecture at TU Eindhoven and a solid set of clear communication skills, Jorien has grown into an excellent project manager, managing individual design-processes and complex co-housing routes. Working at Woonpioniers, she once said, enables her to return to those aspects that make the profession of a designer so enjoyable: a personal scale, direct contact with clients and the tangibility of building.


Menno Versluis / Designer and draftsman


Menno is an engaging interior designer and technical draftsman who helps us, in close consultation with clients, to make every home pleasant and unique. We also sort of made him “Mister Tiny House”, managing all Tiny House related projects. With fresh energy and curiosity, he discovers opportunities in every assignment, which he then carefully develops.


Arthur van der Lee / co-Founder and Mixed Media Artist


As a born pioneer Arthur studied Mixed Media Art at the art Academy, and early in life started to question and investigate the way we shape our living environment. This adventure has resulted in various enthralling projects with a clear emphasis on direct experience, co-creation and self-sufficiency. He met Daniel along the way and not long after Woonpioniers was born! Arthur contributes to the further development of Woonpioniers on a substantive and conceptual level and gets involved in certain projects.


Ron Stet / Energy Architect


With a great sense for bio-based materials, passive techniques, the qualities of an individual location and your specific way of living in mind, this 'Energy-Architect' – as we call him – shows us (and you!) the way when designing a smart installation setup. By calculating all energy flows dynamically, this building physics enthusiast, time after time creates new insights and crafty inventions.

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