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Can Indigo be built outside of the Netherlands?

Yes, depending on your exact location and the size of your Indigo. For EU customers all structural elements are prefabricated in the Netherlands (our home base) and can be transported by road. 

Can Indigo be built outside of the EU?

Yes, although shipping Indigo's prefab elements will probably not be the best option outside of the EU. Instead, prefabrication and construction will have to take place in collaboration with a local contractor. This is very well possible but requires some extra dedication, flexibility and patience from both us and you as our client. For single Indigo's outside of the EU we've decided to work only on projects starting at approximately € 300.000.

How do I start a project?

If you are interested in working with us, please send us an email and tell us a bit more about your plans: where exactly are you located? Do you own a building plot, and if so, can you send some pictures along? Did you already put up a program of requirements? What's your budget? 

If we think your plans fit our craft we can schedule a call, get to know each other, and inform you some more about our design process.


Photography: Henny van Belkom

Indigo Lia

Lia's studio is a good example of how Indigo can be precisely tailored to personal preferences. Because the kitchen, the bathroom and also the staircase are all placed in the middle, the house is split down into a living area and a beautiful atelier. In this way we were also free to make both the front and back façade entirely of glass. Upstairs this offers beautiful views to both sides, which in combination with the curved ceiling provides a pure, meditative space.


Up to and including the wardrobe in the bedroom, the entire interior has been specifically designed for Lia and was made-to-measure by our regular carpenter. In this way a harmonious image was created and many smart interventions could be integrated: the staircase, for example, forms part of the shower cabin and a number of steps can be used as a drawer. The floor below is made of pigmented concrete.


The floor heating in this house is connected to a ventilation heat pump, which is supplied by ten full black solar panels on the sheltered side of the roof. An efficient wood-burning stove complements this system on harsh winter days. Firewood is chopped from trees at Lia's own site. As the house is shaded by many trees, the living room could be positioned directly south without additional cooling measures.

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Studio Eco

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